Cosmic Journey of the Beloveds


What is the Beloved? The Cosmic Beloved is the Essence of All Life through which we intimately connect to our Source Self, the "I AM Presence" of our individualized Spark/Being. The Beloved Twin Soul within is the Truth of Creation, where we are each created as a completely whole and perfect Divine Being of both masculine and feminine forces of Creation, which are the main two forces of Creation, the yin and the yang. Within the vast Existence of Divinity, we are all the Beloved, the most precious and sacred Divine Lover of All Life, and yet not all of us will remember and realize this through the journey of our physical embodiment. We all have a unique Spark of Life that runs through us, which is identical to no other form of consciousness in the Great vastness of Source. That is why this is an intimate bond we have with Source that is honored and approached in our own unique way. The more reverence we pay to our Cosmic Beloved Essence, the more we are able to tune into it and bring it into our conscious embodiment. As we do so, we will become more conscious of our unique Beloved Spark, which we will therefore more easily and authentically express through our relationships and relating experiences. We will be able to turn every relationship into a conscious one, with the focus on enlightened partnership and sacred Union. We will also express our Beloved Spark through joyful means, such as art, music and dance, resonating with a higher frequency and leaving a legacy of Light and living within a constant tantric Union with the Self as our Twin Soul spark, everyone we meet and all Life in Creation. At present our biggest purpose is to merge the inner masculine and feminine within, into One unified Essence of the Beloved Love. And this is how the Cosmic Beloved journey begins! 

Dear Beloveds! I created this channeled Beloved song as a celebration of Divine Union, and so may all Divine Lovers unite!






A magical journey of the Cosmic Beloved like no other!

My greatest connection to the Cosmic Beloved is through a magical connection with All Life in Creation, singing the songs of the Beloved. These come and go in the most perfect Spirit guided moments, with complete melody, lyrics and celestial attunement. All these years, I have been preparing behind the scenes with my Beloved music, and Now I'm so excited to finally share it with everyone! I always loved music, but this personal musical journey stated for me a few years ago. I had a profound dream in which I saw myself speaking and singing in the most beautiful celestial language. This was right after I moved to the Alps. After that I knew that I have to start singing, for it started pouring through me soon after that. My melodies and words are not written, they are sourced directly in the moment. It all just comes together so perfectly and I can't explain this mentally, because for me it's just pure Magic!

"Welcome to an amazing journey of Elven/Angelic melodies brought to Life by Polona Aurea Dawn. These are songs of the Beloved, channeled through Spirit, sung in reverence to all Life in Creation and the Cosmic Beloved journey. These are sacred sound attunements of Light brought into embodiment through the celestial Heart of the Cosmic Beloved. May this music inspire You on your own journey of Divine Union."


The Gateway for our physical Ascension is the activation of the Higher Heart, and so these songs are meant to help with that in their purest devotion.
This is what it means to be a Divine Lover of Life, and these songs sing of the Beauty and Magic of All Life in Creation, true Love as in Divine Love, and the mystical path of the sacred Beloved journey!

My desire is to inspire the Divine remembrance of true Divine Union within everyone! It is my deepest devotion for ALL to know the COSMIC BELOVED!!!

You can get the BELOVED CD HERE!

These are 27 SONGS in complete, which is the sacred Beloved number, an Essence of Divine Love in Divine numerology and celestial code of the Galactic center! 

NOTE: Each of these songs was sung in a very special moment when a wave of Divine Beloved Essence and its magical Bliss was most strongly felt. Therefore, I did not want to alter these songs by editing or re-recording them, for they would lose their pristine Divine Spark and signature which they contained in that eternal moment of Divine Perfection. May You tune into that perfection through a pure Heart, receiving the Beloved in Grace!

As You order the CD, it will be personally sent to You with a DOWNLOAD LINK!

The CD is in MP3 format!

Price: 27 EUR (1 EUR per song!)

You can watch my PROMO music video here!


"I just watched your Beloved music video for the second time as I love it so much! I find your voice and music so soothing and it really helped me to realign my energy lines/nerve system in a very profound and efficient way every time I listened! I love it, and it sounds like a very large Angel Choir. It's very beautiful. I love your singing and I found the music video very pretty too. The energy in the singing and images feels so profound. I tried to adjust the image speed from some scenes to see if that add any value, but it's the Divine Song that flows through the fully created video that is so profound. Finally, some real Divine music like this! Bless You, Polona ... for creating that!" (Rose Agatha)


And here are some samples of the Beloved music! These are short extra clips that are NOT included in my "Songs of the Beloved" CD!



You can take my Cosmic Beloved course which I personally developed to move us deeper into our Human mastery in enlightened partnerships. This is my most integrated course which connects our multidimensional Cosmic experience of the Beloved with our enlightened Human experience in a unified synthesis. This is the path of the polarized Unity of vertical and horizontal enlightenment as the ultimate Beloved!

The energy exchange for the course is 69 EUR!

You will need a YouTube/Gmail/Google+ account that You use to log into YouTube in order to view the private YouTube video links, which are sent to You in perfect Divine timing!

"This wisdom rich course caused subtle but lasting realizations within me. I had previously watched the Mastering Polarity and Twin Soul mastery course, and highly recommend you to listen to this content before progressing with this one as it provides a brilliant foundation of this niche, and seldom so intricately explained, topic. The information Polona shares is so illuminating and rich that I have been inspired to watch it again and again, every time noticing a different gem of an expression that really makes me think and FEEL in a whole new and enlightened way. Bravo!" (Tania Chick)





The way that I connect to my Beloved Essence in Purity is through Beloved poetry and my Elven songs of the Beloved calling, in reverence to all Life in Creation!

Our Love (A poem by Polona Aurea Dawn)

This never happened to me before, has it?
I don't really know you, do I?
But knowing comes from the mind,
and I don't want to know you,
I want to love you.
Only as humans we pose such questions,
but what this is, lies way beyond,
anything that ever was,
here on Earth,
in this space and time.
We are so small here, aren't we?
Tiny dots on a rotating globe,
we blend in and rotate along,
we are attuned to Earth's song,
for now here is where we belong.
Although this love is not earthbound,
I feel it's pieces are spread along,
throughout the entire vast emptiness,
everywhere in this Universe,
lie parts of our happiness.
Fragile as a butterfly,
once it reaches Earth.
But butterflies have wings,
and so can we,
so won't you fly with me?
Let us fly way up high,
to the line between Heaven and Earth,
where we are no more earthbound,
where we are unlimited and always exist,
live forever in love, united in eternity.
This is us, this is our destiny.
Today, tomorrow, always.
So don't you ever worry,
don't you ever feel fear,
because I am always near.
As I will always swirl,
and you will always hover,
no matter what happens,
or what the outer worlds
have in mind for us.
Gently touch my hand,
then reach for my heart,
feel my touch returning to you,
I am your Goddess
and I forever love you.

(To the other Me)

Enjoy exploring the Cosmic Journey of the Beloveds through my 27 oracle paintings, where each one serves as a story on its own. Each painting was channeled directly through my own Twin Soul Essence of the Cosmic Beloved in Divine Love, and it shows the journey of the Beloveds as the sacred masculine and feminine together as One, moving through the vast exploration of infinite Creation and its many Realms of Existence and experience! They hold the Creation Principles embraced in the sacred number 27, which is the Realm of Divine Love.

Let us explore the Cosmic Beloved together!