The Grand Design

I AM currently in the process of writing my book about the Grand Design, which is a Divine trilogy. It includes the mission and journey of volunteer Souls & the Galactic Family, Illumined Creation Principles and the Tantrika seed of Life & illumined Union. The books are written from the perspective of a Creation Pillar ... in dedication to all the Ascension Pioneers out there!


This book is for everyone, because in Truth everything leads to constant expansion and greater levels of Being. It is specifically aimed at all the Ascension Pioneers out there who are brave enough to plunge into the realms of extreme duality in order to bring back the Laws of Unity consciousness. The aim of it is to have a better understanding of the nature and purpose of these Beings, so that they could be of greater service and assistance to Wholeness. It is considered a great honor to be one of the volunteer Souls who pave the Way by bringing the Light of Illumination into the Worlds of Creation. It is an offering a greater understanding of the world in transition, with the focus on the encouragement to leave the old world in order to co-create a New one by leaving a Legacy of Light for all who are yet to come. This book is therefore dedicated to all the Great Ones who have come and gone, as there is always Divine Light intelligence present in all timelines and realities. There are those who tirelessly work behind the scenes in order to give reason to Divine Love, planting seeds and acting as Divine Lovers of All Life in Creation who are not here only for themselves ... but also everyone else and the expansion of All Life, in constant service to the Absolute Truth! My Love goes out to all of them, and may they go forth in peace and joyful celebration of their amazing mission to serve Light of Creation wherever they are and wherever they may travel in their Cosmic Divine remembrance! It is intended as an infinite story in the making that triggers the Divine remembrance within everyone who reads it with an open Heart of Galactic consciousness. The purpose of it is the expansion of consciousness within the New Humans!

May You enjoy being One with this amazing process and may this book serve You in its genuine desire to become You! Dare to dream and go beyond what You think You already know ... for there is always more in the infinite Light of Creation! You know who You are, and may You continue to always shine bright and love with all of your Heart!