How does Divine Music work in our Ascension?

Divine Music is the music of sacred Grace, through which we can hear the Angels singing! It is the Music of the Spheres of All Life in Creation, and the music of the Bliss of the Creator! Through Divine Music all can be created and it's where everything begins!

In my own way of creating music I use only my voice, channeling the Elven and Angelic frequencies of Divine Love. I sing of the Beloved Union and the reverence of all Life in Creation! My songs are a direct translation of the crystalline Realms of Creation.

"Welcome to an amazing journey of Elven/Angelic melodies brought to Life by Polona Aurea Dawn. These are songs of the Beloved and Creation, channeled through Spirit, sung in reverence to all Life in Creation and the Cosmic Beloved journey. These are sacred sound attunements of Light brought into embodiment through the celestial Heart of the Cosmic Beloved. May this music inspire You on your own journey of Divine Union."


This is a selection of 13 songs of Creation (13 being the sacred Creation number Essence). Each song is a Divine attunement with all Life in Creation, bringing the codes of Light to awaken the knowing of Creation in Divine Love.




As You order the CD, it will be personally sent to You with a DOWNLOAD LINK!

The CD is in MP3 format!


This is a selection of 27 songs of the Beloved (27 being the sacred Divine Union number Essence).
Each song is a Divine attunement with the Cosmic Beloved, bringing the codes of Light to awaken the knowing of Divine Union in Divine Love.


As You order the CD, it will be personally sent to You with a DOWNLOAD LINK!

The CD is in MP3 format!



Human evolution begins with our most intimate inner evolution of Soul. Our Soul expands with more Light, which is pure consciousness. When we engage in something, we are having an experience. The more conscious we are becoming of our experiences, the more our Rainbow DNA is being activated. Ascension means moving into a Rainbow body form. Music of the Light is an important part of this process. High frequency attunement raises our vibration, and it moves our awareness to a higher and more refined state of consciousness. The Realms I attune to are the Realms of Illuminated Truth, where the frequency is pure Grace ... the Art of Divine Creation. When we work with sound, it changes our DNA. Divine sound works on a profound cellular level of our Being.

We don't just activate our Rainbow DNA and body form by listening to activation music and receiving codes/downloads that come outside of us. That is of the old. The New ascending reality is about Truth, and that Core Truth is already lying dormant within us. Rainbow DNA is waiting to be unlocked from inside out, and as we each participate in this process, we are also helping to unlock the greater codes for Humanity at large. As we awaken, the Whole awakens as well. At first this might not be to the same extent that we do, but it most definitely does, as all is connected as One. As we connect to our own Soul song, we also connect with Music of the Spheres!

We activate our Rainbow DNA the most when we work with our own inner Light, the Light of our Soul alchemy. Simply invoking our inner alchemy means to work with the aspect of Light and understanding how it moves and affects the conscious awareness within us. The more aware we are, the more we are conscious. The more conscious we are, the more we expand and the more we become an integrated Self realized Human Being. So our true Rainbow DNA becomes activated with Presence. Presence invokes more Light, and with that conscious invitation, we become more aware of our Higher nature and how this New Human design functions. We can then see into the new "laws" that govern our new density in Rainbow body form. We are being shown how this new design then affects our reality, so that this Divine reality expands the reality of All.

Work with your inner Light, for it's all within You already! The sleeping cellular memory is awakening and triggering the process of Rainbow activation!

May my Soul Music inspire You to better hear your own!

Celestial/Elven Music lies in my Heart. I AM Music! 


I AM ... Home! 



P.S. The Higher Heart resonant frequency is 528 Hz, so keep on fine tuning!


Here You can listen to some of the current Elven Soul music clips!

The World Beyond/Ascension Pioneers Theme

Aurea's song